Spanish Government Officials Stealing Content On A Regular Basis

The Spanish government is quite unique as far as copyright laws are considered: it is completely legal to upload and download copyrighted material as long as it is for “personal use.” This means that every single Spaniard can download the latest Timbaland track, rip the latest Avatar movie, and acquire an unlimited amount of content through file sharing, for free.

They got it good, don’t they?

However, there is pressure on the government to change. Most countries that participates in international trade would like it if Spain would conform to copyright infringement laws. To the MPAA, RIAA, and other content organizations, Spain allegedly sets a bad example.

But now the Spanish government is actually considering making this switch.

However, the interesting thing to note — according to TorrentFreak — is that Spanish government officials actively participate in what is considered piracy to many countries. Yes, really.

So, if the people who run the country actively commit piracy, why would they insist on forcing their citizens to change?

It’s a messy situation — as are most things when it comes to copyright.

[via TechDirt]

By James Mowery

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