Street Furniture With An Urban Twist

Ever notice how boring street furniture is? It’s mostly one color with a basic design. Boring!

European designer Yoann Henry Yvon has created an urban design of what outdoor furniture such as bicycle racks and benches might look like in the future. Originally from Nice, France, Yvon graduated in 2008 with honors from Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy.

The photo of Yvon’s Wave Bench, above, is made by an aluminum structure that is enriched with independent acrylic colored arms. The bench’s pieces can be moved as well, to either have a supporting back to lean back on or for separation to make seating more private.

Yvon designed these pieces to be used by everyone in whatever way they wanted to.

According to Yvon: “Design us a language and the designer the translator.”

Source: Core77, Coroflot

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