Super Mario Kicks Will Feel Awesome (Until You Get Jacked)

If you are at all familiar with the early nineteen-nineties, then you know that kids really liked three things: Super Mario; cool sneakers; and rolling other kids for their stuff.

Well now, in a rather stylish nostalgic mash-up, you can relive the time and crime you may or may not  have ever experienced with these spiffy Super Mario sneakers. Nike has created these custom shoes featuring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber (who, for some reason, looks rather angry, right?).

Rather than using a pixelated Mario or the design from, say, Super Mario Galaxy, these kicks have a nice meta touch and use the ‘storybook aesthetic’ of Super Paper Mario.

Of course, cool running shoes weren’t cheap in the early nineties, but these retail for £89.99, or about $140. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but knowing what some people pay for shoes, not exorbitantly expensive either. Just try not to show off too much – or you may end walking home in your Super Mario socks.

[Source: Waylou]

By navneetalang

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