The Eye: Flowerpots For Dummies

Ever wondered exactly what it would look like, to be able to watch the growth of your favorite flower or plant? Well with this concept piece, you can do just that.

Olga Kalugina, a designer hailing from Russia, has come up with this imaginative but highly useful tool called the, “Eye.” For hardcore gardeners, or even those who are interested in electronics, the Eye could be a really helpful way to learn about the growth of a plant of flower. It’s also just plain cool to be able to watch something grow, that you’ve planted with your own hands.

The Eye is a see-through pot that monitors the light level, soil conditions and temperatures. Gardening made easy, is what you could call it. So easy that even a first-time gardener could use it and not be confused, since everything is displayed right on the front of the pot.

The Eye is a concept piece but we’re hoping that we can buy it one day!

[Source: The Design Blog]

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