The Future Meets The Past: 15 Examples of Steampunk Tech

Steampunk is a movement that is getting some attention from tech junkies. It is inspired by science fiction and speculative fiction, such as Jules Verne, and the Victorian era when steam power was often used. Steampunk artists rework some of the greatest gadgets of today and art to create a Victorian era vibe to technology.

People have given such devices as USB drives, computer mice, monitors, keyboard, laptops and even entire PC’s a new look.

Victorian styled computer chest.

Jake von Slatt gives a LCD monitor and computer keyboard a Victorian makeover. He made the frame for the monitor out of brass and used brown and gold metallic paint to give it the Victorian look.

Wicked Smartpunk brass computer case design.

The steampunk iPod skin was created by artist Colin Thompson. The skin allows you to lets you to see what is on the inside of an iPod if were a retro-modern mechanical device.

USB stick turned steampunk.

This steampunk split keyboard was made using an IBM M-15 Ergo Keyboard.

Steampunk artist Molly “Porkshanks” Friedrich created her own version of steampunk headphones and put them on display at the Steampunk Workshop.

This steampunk Bluetooth earpiece almost looks futuristic.

Steampunk table lamp created by frank Buchwald.

Steampunk computer mouse.

This steampunk watch costs $59,000! The MB&F’s Horological Machine No. 2 watch offers four dials for different measurements, which are instantaneous jump hour, concentric retrograde minutes, retrograde date and bi-hemisphere moon phase.

Steampunk wheelchair inspired by Professor X from the X-Men series.
Here is a video of how it was created.

Steampunk coil gun shoots projectiles that are reported to be powerful enough to punch through cardboard at close range. It has a coil of copper wire around the barrel to launch the projectiles and inside the brass case power pack are 15 photoflash capacitors that get the power to fire from two AAA batteries.

Steampunk computer system.

A steampunk skull computer mouse was made by Ivan Mavrovic.

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