The iPad Has Landed

I know, I know. You’ve had it up to here with the iPad, you have iPad fever, you’re iPadded out, you never want to hear another iPad word. But Apple’s tablet is both the most overrated and underrated product of 2010 so far, and one of the most important innovations crossing a number of different industries.

The long term effect of the iPad on the publishing industry, journalism and my Grandma’s ability to send and receive emails remains to be seen. For today, we can just enjoy the show and check out all the new info coming out this morning.

Why does my iPhone suddenly seems so small and underpowered?

iFixit Tears it Up (or Down)

iFixit never misses an opportunity to turn a valuable piece of tech equipment to a pile of worthless metal and plastic, and they already have an iPad and are in the process of tearing it down right now, and they’re posting pics in realtime.

TUAW Live Unboxing

Because Apple’s packaging is almost as sexy as the product it contains.

Live at the 5th Avenue store

Engadget was in New York this morning for the 5th Avenue store opening, and has pics and video.

Wired’s 10 Apps to Try on Launch Day

Wired is excited about these 10 apps, which probably means they’re worth checking out.


Digital Daily’s Quote of the Day

“I’ve never seen people come downstairs so fast. I don’t even ring the bell and they’re at the door.”

A UPS Driver, Saturday morning


Mashable’s Guide to iPad Accessories

Mashable knows you just spent upwards of $500 on a shiny new iPad, and thinks you should make a couple more additional purchases.


Apple’s iPad in Business Page

Apple has a page now devoted to the iPad for business.


Gizmodo’s Survival Guide For Buying an iPad on Day Zero

Gizmodo helps out with an FAQ for Apple’s d-day guinea pigs.


GigaOm First Impressions and User Questions

Om Malik has an iPad, and will do stuff to it and with it for your pleasure.


TUAW Discovers iPad Can Not Be Recharged Via any old USB Port

Apparently the iPad can be recharged by connecting to an iMac or Macbook USB port, but some users are reporting that their iPads are not charging when plugged into their PCs.

Check back to this post for more breaking news.

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