The New Anti-Theft Wallet That Opens With Your Fingerprints

The TungstenW biometric wallet is a new way to know that your cash, credit cards, and I.D. are safe and secure rather than being in an ordinary wallet.

Before actually using the TungstenW biometric wallet you need to use a computer to hook it up to. From there you can program it with a fingerprint. This will allow only you to have access to your wallet.

The wallet comes with Bluetooth connection that allows you to join it with a Bluetooth-enabled handset. This will sound an alarm whenever you roam more than 10 feet away from your wallet.

The wallet is available in gold, green, black, pink and white fiberglass colors and is being sold for around $399.

This is a great device to protect your wallet from being stolen but what if you don’t want to carry your wallet on you? Does that mean you will have to listen to the alarm all the time?

Source: ubergizmo

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  • Alpha

    Surely there is a way to enable and disable the alarm!!!

    • Marty

      Yes, the bluetooth pairing can be turned on or off. And I just learned your phone will alarm as well as the wallet on new models – I’ve been on the horn with the manufacturer.

  • Marty

    Pretty darn cool. I love the carbon fiber wallet idea!