Things No One Will Ever Buy, Ever: The TV Hat

I know what you’re thinking. Actually, you may even be using far more colorful language than I. But this isn’t the half of it. I’m actually having a hard time typing this article through my fit of giggles.

But for all my tears, the TV Hat (seriously, that’s what it’s called. Simply ‘TV Hat’.) isn’t even what it advertises itself to be. That is to say, no TV is involved.

It’s a pocket for your iPhone.

That you hang on your face.

Watch what you want, when you want, where you want. Slide your iPod®, iPhone® or most any MP3 player into the interior pouch and the attached 2.5x magnification screen helps give you a movie theater experience.

Oh, right, yeah. Just like at the movies. This thing looks way more like ‘Personal Camping Tent’ or ‘Burn Victim Face Sling’ than ‘TV Hat’.

Looks notwithstanding, you’ll THRILL over TV Hat’s many venues of application:

At a business seminar! Someone’s getting SO fired.

While commuting! Eyes on the road, hero.

In bed! No sugar tonight, dude. Or ever, really.

Oh, and you can buy one here.

[Via Book of Joe]

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