This Man is Sitting On the Future of Commuting. Maybe.

There are painfully few options available to the trendy consumer who wants to look silly in transit. Unicycles take too much time and effort to learn. Hoverounds are for old ladies. Segways are just too silly – we’re trying to strike a balance, here, people.

But now…now there is a way to look exactly one increment less ridiculous than on a Segway. Presenting…the YikeBike.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. But it’s still a pretty neat idea. The Yike is all-electric, can go 6 miles on one charge (which sounds wimpy until you realize this is probably a bad choice for a long-distance road trip anyway), and folds into a nigh-teeny weeny carrying bag – how chic!

Is it just me, or does the position you have to sit in look like you’re taking a dump?

Oh, hey, a video. Let’s watch it.

[Via Inhabitat]

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