Thrifty Phone Watch Distracts People in a Whole New Way

The Thrifty Phone Watch – because we don’t already have enough gadgets that keep us distracted from important work and other tasks throughout the day. Apparently as technology advances, people are getting lazier and need a device that’s with them at all times. You don’t even have to hold this one, so bonus!

The futuristic gadget is multi-purpose and especially helpful when you have no free hands to hold a phone, or are at an event which doesn’t allow iPod’s or other devices. The Thrifty Watch Phone is a video camera, MP3 player and PDA. Who needs all of those things when you can have just one and leave the hassle of too much technology behind?

The Thrifty Watch Phone requires buyers to insert a SIM card before use. The touchscreen LCD is 1.3 inches and there is a built-in MIC and speaker, in order to make and receive phone calls. A wireless Bluetooth set or wired headphones are required to use for phone calls and playing music.

The watch contains a traditional phone but also has the ability to play music and games and send text messages and picture mail. A fashion accessory with function – can’t go wrong with that. The Thrifty Watch Phone has a price tag of $95 and will be available in many different strap sizes.

[Source: The Design Blog]

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