Unboxing of the iPad 3G Feels Like Christmas Morning


The long-awaited release of the Apple iPad 3G is over for US residents! iPad 3G’s are on their way to every greedy hand who ordered the massively popular device and the excitement is overwhelming. Some buyers who pre-ordered and have already received their goodies have taken to the Internet, posting videos of them unwrapping the iPad 3G like it was a Christmas present. They’ve also posted numerous galleries of pictures, showcasing all of the iPad’s features.

New owners are comparing their iPad 3G’s to the Wi-Fi version that was shipped out earlier this month. Most are reporting that the new version was shipped out in the same box as the Wi-Fi only. It is also similar to the Wi-Fi only, as users must connect to iTunes before using the device.

AT&T-branded micro-SIM cards will be included with the delivery of the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. The picture below shows the SIM card, ejected from the iPad 3G.

[Source: MacRumors & 9To5Mac & BGR]

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