Video: WiFi Sync Your iPhone With This App

YouTube Preview Image

The jury is out, the app has been submitted. WiFiSync lets you sync your iPhone or iPod touch wirelessly. We’d love to see it win approval from the App Store team, it seems the software’s to be submitted this week. We’d be surprised if Apple allows it through.

Written by Jon Edwards

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  • ray

    Seems like a neat idea but still too many steps…. I hope you only have approve the syncing process once, and then it’s set for life… having to get your laptop to approve is one step too long. Plugging it in is roughly the same amount of effort. Great start though!!

  • Zak

    It says in the video only once, like every other pairing. This is not for removing effort it is for not having to deal with cords. I have 3 sitting here on my desk now for devices, having none when they could be wireless would be ideal.