Washington Town Sold On eBay

Welcome to Wauconda, Washington, a small town that sold for $360,000 on eBay this week – a bargain if you’re looking for a chance to own a district.

Wauconda is 25 minutes from the Canadian border and sits on Highway 20. The new owners, Maddie and Neal Love, got: a restaurant, store, gas station, a four-bedroom house and a zip code after a month long bidding war. Interestingly, the town is also known to host a couple of ghosts, including the spirit of a young Indian fighter.

The Loves are both unemployed and are selling their home and all their possessions to buy the town and move there. The deal is expected to close in six weeks.

We know this isn’t the first time an entire town’s been sold on eBay. Bridgeville, California sold for $1.78 million in 2003 and tiny Albert, Texas was made available at a $2.5 million reserve price in 2007, for example.

Via: Seattle Times
Image credit: Seattle Times

Written by Jon Edwards

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