YouTube to Jump Officially Into Online Movie Rental

Want to watch a movie but too lazy to go to the movie store to rent one? YouTube has come up with a way for users to watch movies on its site. YouTube has made a selection of movies and TV shows available for users to rent in its online store.

In January, the site tested $5 rentals of movies from the Sundance Film Festival. The trial was a success and now YouTube is renting movies and TV shows for 48 hours for 99 cents to $3.99. Users can pay through Google Checkout.

It was reported by NewTeeVee that YouTube extended its rentals beyond Sundance films in February but it didn’t make a lot of money with earlier experiments with paid viewing. Movie rentals have already been available on iTunes and Microsoft’s Xbox Video Marketplace for a few years now.

The most popular movies being rented right now are Bollywood, Independent, Manga and documentary films. YouTube will be making an official announcement about the store sometime in the near future but no date has been set yet.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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