Adobe Adds HTML5 To Dreamweaver As An Afterthought

If you’re a web designer, web user or a human being who’s touched a computer in the last year, you probably know that HTML5 is kind of a big deal.

Well, nobody told Adobe that. Having just shipped Adobe Creative Suite 5 you’d expect the world’s leading creativity software maker to be up on all these new fangled web technologies.

Actually, Dreamweaver, the Creative Suite’s HTML authoring tool has very little in the way of support, but Adobe has realized this and has released the Adobe HTML5 Pack as an extension.

The extension contains several useful tools for web designers, including code hinting for HTML5 and CSS3, WebKit engine updates and support for the new video and audio tags. Adobe has also bundled sample and starter layouts to help designers get started quickly with HTML5.

Source: Adobe Press

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