And The Whole World Goes Geek: 10% of People Under 25 Say Yes to Texts During Sex

The headline pretty much says it all. Keep reading anyway.

It’s true: in a recent study by self-proclaimed ultimate electronics marketplace Retrevo of when it’s okay to answer a text, 10% (yes, TEN PERCENT) of people under 25 declared it perfectly acceptable to text during sex. Think about it. That’s one in ten. And that’s awful. Have we really become this disconnected?

Other statistics from the study in the same under-25 demographic cited 49% during eating, and 24% while using the toilet. The toilet one I can understand. After all, it gets kind of lonely during those leg-numbing extended trips to the john. But sex? It’s sex, people. Surely there’s an interface you should be more closely paying attention to than your phone, yeah?

Makes you wonder where we went wrong as a species, doesn’t it?

Oh, and there were no stats for sexting during sex.

[Via Mashable, image from Gawker]

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