Another Day, Another Apple Patent: Now In 3D!

I can’t get enough of widgets. I remember, back in the day, as a rabid PC user, vehemently anti-Apple, I flat-out lold at the concept of widgets. Now, years later, on a Mac Pro, I seem to be hitting F4 for one reason or another every four or five minutes.

My widget addiction is about to get worse. With Google having recently acquired 3D desktop manager BumpTop, it would appear Apple’s looking to create an entire new generation of widgets in response, both multifunctional and existing in 3-dimensional virtual space. OSX was already a champion of pointless eye candy, but this is going to waste SO much of our time, just flipping widgets around in 3D and giggling like children.

Hell, I do that now with TWO-dimensional widgets.

[Via Ubergizmo, image from PatentlyApple]

By tydunitz

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