Boogie Board Beats Pen And Paper

Trees are our friends these days, but we still have to chop down a whole bunch of our good buddies so we can write notes to our significant others to remind them that they should pick up milk if they’re at the store, and don’t forget to pick up the kids.

The paperless office was largely a bust, due to the fact that sometimes you just can’t beat a good note written in ink with a pen. Or can you?

The Boogie Board hopes to change all that. It’s an LCD touch screen that allows you to use a stylus as a pen to write in a single color, and then erase the message with the push of a button.

Like a blackboard, or a modern day etch-a-sketch, Boogie Board is a simple device with a simple goal, to eradicate the use for paper and pens around the home.

The real attention grabber is that the device costs a mere $35. It’s not too hard to see how it might be cheaper to buy one of these for the kitchen and living room than buying a load of paper pads.

Regardless of what Steve Jobs says, sometimes a stylus is the best tool for a job – using a finger for drawing takes some getting used to, but the device will work with fingers too.

This seems like a low-tech solution compared to an iPad, but sometimes it’s the most efficient, simple solutions that win through in the end. I’m curious to hear more about how this device performs in real world testing.

Source: Ubergizmo

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at or on Twitter.

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  • I’ve actually looked into getting one of these, I have to admit they are pretty bad ass. There was only one problem I’ve noticed and it’s a major concern for me. The Boogie board can not save any information, while with paper you have your notes with you for a very very long time (Unless you recycle them like I do). With the boogie board as soon as that erase button is pressed the note is gone, there is no way to store them in memory or back them up to a computer. I’ve actually contacted the company about it and I was told they are working on it but don’t expect anything soon. This would be a good substitute for stickie notes but nothing more.

  • luckytink

    Yeah….we have this already. Its called a dry erase board or white board….and they are about $20 cheaper than this!