Bringing Up The Next-Gen Geek? Yep, There’s An App For That…

Use your iPhone to monitor your baby remotely. Automatically log your baby’s activity so you gain insight into its sleeping patterns or receive instant notifications when it cries with the app playing a recording your own voice to sooth your child until you arrive.

So, I’m a geek, my wife’s a geek and we’re engaged in bringing up a new generation of geeks, and that’s why we’re really pleased to have come across this really rather useful Baby Monitor and Alarm app for the iPhone.

What it does? It does it all, really. It will monitor noise in the room of your sleeping child and send an SMS message to another phone (which doesn’t need to be an iPhone) if it detects noise. You can set it up, so that a short noise will not raise the alarm.

There’s a unique function, too, if noise is detected, the app will play a recording of your own or your partner’s voice to soothe the child until you arrive by the bedside. The app will also automatically log your baby’s activity, so it will record all the times your child wakes up a little, even while you’re asleep.

We’re never going to have to freak out if we forget the baby monitor when traveling again. The app costs just $2.99.

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