C-3P0 iPad Case: Cool or WTF? You Decide…

Have you been waiting for one of these? You could purchase your very own C-3PO Star Wars backpack for your iPad. (Chewbacca suit not included) If you’ve always loved Star Wars and have an iPad, it was meant to be.

Not only do you have to carry his pleather limbs around in some flimsy mesh bag but he, himself opens up in the back into one holding compartment with just enough room to hold your iPad safely inside. When your not taking your rusted tin-can of a friend out on your adventures, you can reassemble him into a three foot plush toy.

Why reassemble, you ask? Only to take him apart and shove him back into your mesh bag for more adventures. Over and over again. On the positive side, his eyes light up! That’s right Star Wars fans, He has LED lights in his eyes for full-on special effects.

If you’re not into the iPad case but are looking for Star Wars memorabilia,C-3PO is a fully licensed Lucasfilm Collectible.If you’re interested in this “super-cool” backpack you can pick him up here for $60.

Source: Gizmodo

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