Disgracebook: NOW What?

While I don’t like Facebook due to its stance on privacy, I believe that the outright witch hunt against Facebook isn’t exactly fair, and while this is or is not intentional, it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the social network goliath.

Several social networking sites have been accused of sharing users’ personal data with advertisers on the down-low. This includes names and other forms of online ID that enable ad companies to discern specific users. In Facebook’s case, advertisers could also see from which other users’ profiles the clicks were coming. Like, come on, Facebook, not cool. We’ve practically had an intervention with you about this privacy thing, and here you are behind our backs, sharing us with advertisers.

Apparently, Facebook and MySpace immediately stopped the secret sharing when questioned about it. Yeah, because that’s going to make a difference at this point. It’s just, like… you know the feeling where you’re not angry anymore, just genuinely disappointed because you sort of expected it all along? Yeah, I’m that.

Ever wonder why we can’t freely visit Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile? Just sayin’.

[Via Ars Technica]

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