Experimental Design Collective Has Way Too Much Time On Its Hands, Turns To Bug Catching

Netherlandic designers Edhv truly know everything’s been done before.

Through the use of in-house software, Edhv has tracked the movement of insects to create artworks speaking to the concept of reactive identities. Seriously. That image above? Painted by insects. I know. Totally rad.

Different patterns are the result of differences in species of insect, lighting and environmental conditions, environment structure, and even insect gender and size.

But it doesn’t even stop there: they’ve even taken the concept to industrial design by getting ants to walk around inside a model of a chair, effectively creating a prototype for insect-built furniture, and forever changing the concept of cheap labor.

The work will be on display at Design by Performance in Belgium until the end of May if you fancy an international flight any time soon.

[Via Inhabitat]

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