Farmville May Deal Facebook Some Harmville with Zynga Live

Seems everybody’s just about had it up to here with Facebook, and it looks like this is the case with developers as much as it is with users.

Zynga, the developer of Farmville, has warned its employees to brace themselves for a possible imminent break from the social networking giant.

That’s kind of cool. Sounds like a spaceship about to break away from an asteroid, or something.

Anyway, tensions between the two companies have been rising, and, due to Facebook’s apparent bullying of Zynga to sign a contract which would bind Farmville almost exclusively to Facebook, Zynga threatening to leave, and Facebook counter-threatening to shut down Zynga’s games, looks like this relationship just wasn’t meant to be. Zynga is now seriously considering another option: starting its own social network. Yikes.

According to a leaked email, the service would be called ‘Zynga Live’, and would be the go-to destination for the millions of digital farmers currently… y’know, doing whatever it is you do in Farmville, or whatever. Hell, already exists – they’re halfway there!

Frankly, this seems like a good fit for Zynga. They’d get 100% of their own profits, and us Facebook users would no longer have to look at Farmville updates. Totally win-win.

[Via TechCrunch]

Written by Ty Dunitz

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