For The Gentleman Who Has Everything, and Needs Somewhere To Put It

There’s never a shortage of interesting storage options for the full spectrum of geek chic. Earlier this week, I showed you guys concrete USB drives, for the gentleman interested in walking softly and carrying a really big stick. For the yet-more sophisticated gentlesir, today I impress upon you nothing short of USB cufflinks.

You know, for those times you absolutely need to bring some porn or your DVD rip of The Dark Knight to a funeral.

Designer Ravi Ratan is particularly smug about his 4GB links (2x2GB), providing an unprompted ‘you’re welcome’ on the listing. Gotta appreciate a man with confidence.

I tell ya, if I wasn’t too busy wearing pretentious hipster graphic tshirts (and had 200 bucks to spare), I’d order me up a pair of these. Actually, I probably wouldn’t. But I’d hit ‘add to cart’ to feel important enough for USB cufflinks and subsequently forget all about it. You know how online shopping goes.

[USB Cufflinks, via Like Cool]

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