Girls, Not Boys, Drive Download Culture New Info Shows

Forget preconceived ideas that the techi world’s digital destiny is run by the boys, for the boys – it looks like the girls are driving the digital home, with women downloading twice as much mobile content as men.

Surprised? Perhaps, but these are the fresh findings found by US mobile ents firm, Myxer (a peddler of ringtones, wallpapers and video clips). Myxer claims its female users downloaded twice as much content in April as its male users.

Women accounted for 67% of its content downloads for the month: 4.5 million in total. Men downloaded just 2.2 million items during the month. Myxer admits it has 1.7 times as many women as men on its service, but the average female user still downloads 17% more content than the average male.

“Looking at the gender breakdown across the more than 34 million users on Myxer’s platform, it’s apparent that female users are the ones driving mobile content downloads,” said CEO Myk Willis.

One interesting statistic. The average female using an Android device downloaded 7.6 pieces of content in April, while the average male visiting Myxer on an Android device only downloaded 6 items in that time, or 21% less than the average female. This is a big contrast to iPhones where females only downloaded 6% more than males, or 3 items compared to 2.8 items respectively.

SOURCE: FierceMobile

Written by Jon Edwards

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  • This doesn’t necessarily mean that women are driving the mobile download market, it could just be that men use other methods of downloading mobile content. Just a thought.

  • Ian

    Interesting statistic, but getting the data from myxer where they primarily offer music, that makes complete sense. Girls tend to download more ringtones more often while guys tend not to. So this is potentially skewed data.