Google Android Surpasses iPhone As #2 Mobile Operating System

Google has topped the iPhone in the race to become the best-selling operating system in the U.S. consumer smartphone market in the first quarter.

While BlackBerry devices still hold the number one spot, both the Google Android and Apple’s iPhone are not far behind. According to the research firm NDP Group, BlackBerry accounted for 36 per cent of the units sold to U.S. consumers with the Android following with 28 per cent of units sold. The iPhone, which had previously held the number two spot, fell to third place with 21 per cent.

Apple fanatics do have a scapegoat to explain for this step back in the iPhone’s conquest for the number one spot though. Both BlackBerry and the Google Android operating systems are available on multiple phones while the same cannot be said for Apple’s operating system, which is only available on the iPhone.

Apple’s phone is still popular despite the Android upset. AT&T has reported that it had activated about 900,000 iPhones in the first quarter for new customers.

Source: CNN

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