Google TV Can’t Skip Ads – Should We Skip Google TV?

Part of the greatness of the traditional PVR is that you can skip through crap you don’t want to see; credits, Survivor, ads, etc. This feature is arguably the single reason to own a PVR.

So what of Google TV? Apparently, no dice, said Rishi Chandra, product manager of The Goog-TV and all around swell guy. Ads will be completely unskippable.

Um, what? You mean I have to sit and watch ads so Google can earn revenue to continue to provide this service for me? Oh, fates cruel! Woe! Chandra’s telling us not to sweat, though; since Google will be collecting user data, the ads will apparently be targeted enough not to be boring. Tell ’em, Rishi:

“You can display fewer ads that are more targeted to users because you can monetise the content better. We can be much more smart about what type of ads we play but also ensure the ads are being played – and we can also do much more tracking. It’s going to be a win for everyone, especially on the advertising side”

I guess I can get behind that. If you really think about it, have we, the public at large, ever really hated ads because they’re ads? Personally, I find a good ad as entertaining as a television program itself – the problem has been that they’re rarely for a product I care about. Google may be onto something. I swear, Chandra, if I see anything even partially resembling a Cialis ad, we’re gonna have beef, man.

[Via Pocket Lint]

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