Hotmail Is About To Get Much Cooler

Hotmail was the first widespread webmail service, but these days it lags behind Google’s Gmail and even Yahoo Mail.

But that’s all about to change, as Microsoft announces some serious updates. The updates focus on making Hotmail easier to use and making the content of messages central to its user experience.

By making it less cumbersome to attach and send photos, videos and documents, Microsoft hopes to claw back some users from more comprehensive services.

Despite making very few updates to its webmail service in the 12 years since purchasing it, Hotmail still boasts the most users with 360 million users worldwide. Yahoo ranks second with 284 million, and Gmail is third with 173 million.

Other updates to Hotmail will include better security, tighter integration with social networks and a link to Skydrive to provide users with 25gb of online storage space.

Source: Wired

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