iOf the Strom: Illustrator Rocks the iPhone

That’s my second ‘i- prefix’ headline joke today. I’m on a roll.

A couple of days ago I made all y’all privvy to a non-illustrator who is teaching himself to paint via the iPad. Now, check out what happens when a pro illustrator gets his hands on an iPhone.

Kristofer Strom is a fellow illustrator I’d heard tell of before, but now he’s getting internet famous by vowing to draw something with his iPhone every day for ‘some time’. Like a true career artist, he readily admits his eventual procrastination and laziness. I respect that.

Anyway, don’t not click here to rub your eyes all over the blog he’s using to chronicle his adventure. Some of this stuff will collapse your face out of sheer raditude. So, like, be careful, I guess.

Here’s a taste of his stuff so far. Tastes like CRUNK JUICE, if you ask me. You probably wouldn’t ask me, though, so feel free to assign a flavor of your choice.

[Via Creativereview]

By tydunitz

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