iPhone 4G Video Chat Capabilities to Be Showcased in Commercial

Even more exciting than American Beauty director Sam Mendes at the helm is the news that at least one of the new iPhone 4 commercials will be demonstrating a video chat component.

Engadget has declared that this is not a rumor anymore. A trusted source dropped the ball and confirmed that the new front facing camera spied in those photos from Vietnam will be used in a commercial featuring a mother and daughter having a video chat conversation.

Posts on Twitter are now popping up as celebrity actor/actress hopefuls prepare to go for auditions with the award-winning director.

While these details of a functional video chat come in as no real surprise, thanks to those two previously leaked photos, it is still pretty damn cool that we may be having handheld video chat in two weeks when Steve Jobs officially reveals the 4G model at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7th.

Those early years of watching Blade Runner and wishing that our home phones were the video chat systems like the ones used in the film, may finally come true.

Source: Engadget, AppleInsider

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