iPhone Leak Reveals A4 Processor


Slowly the iPhone 4G is being put together right in front us…literally.

More next generation iPhone pictures have been leaked but this time, not only do we see the new slick look but we get to see what’s going on inside the phone. The back of the iPhone 4G is shown to still have a reflective casing and respective spots for its large back facing camera and LED flash.

Taoviet, a Vietnamese forum posted pictures of the new phone showing that the model no longer has the screws near the dock connector and is designed to be a 16 GB .

Taoviet’s breakdown of the phone reveals the marking APL0398, which can also be found inside the iPad on its A4 processor. Markings like 339S0084, K4X2G643GE, and YN6024Z3 are completely different but it still withholds Apple’s logo on a small chip.

Revealed once before, the iPhone 4G does use the same micro-SIM card as the iPad but rather than inserting your SIM card at the top of the phone, you can insert it through the right side of the phone.

In the picture shown above, the phone was not running on the usual iPhone OS but instead running testing software called Bonfire.

Source: AppleInsider, Tavioet

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