Is Google Getting All Passive-Aggressive Up In Steve Jobs’ Grill?

Steve Jobs has been called many things – a visionary, a criminal, an entrepreneur extra-ordinary, and Santa Claus.

But it appears Google Autocomplete has something to say about Jobs, too. Typing ‘Steve Jobs is’ into Google’s search field will net the curious viewer some equally curious commentary about Apple’s CEO before even slamming the search button, attacking and insulting Jobs from all angles, including race, religion, and… punctuality? Heavens, no!

While it’s every bit as likely that these are just the honest-to-goodness most oft-aggregated search terms, it’s interesting nonetheless, considering the rivalry between the two titanic companies. So, uh, Google… you got, um… you got something to say about your biggest rival’s CEO? Maybe? Then again, all passive-aggression aside, perhaps it’s all in good fun – the first result, ‘Steve Jobs is your new bicycle’, leads to an absurd random Steve Jobs fact generator.

After all, true best friends playfully insult each other all the time, right?

Maybe I need new friends.

[Google, via iPhone Savior]

Yes. Yes, I just linked to Google. What about it?

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