Is That An Electrochemical Sensor In Your Pants, Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

Scientific advancement comes primarily from the areas most of interest to big business and governments. So why does this article lead with a photograph of a well toned dude in tight fitting pants?

Aside from the facts that sex sells and that our editors yearn for a greater percentage of female readers, this is actually the first iteration of clothing that is able to monitor the body chemistry of the wearer non-invasively.

Researchers from Taiwan and U.C. San Diego have come up with a method of printing electrochemical sensors directly onto fabric. The primary advantage of this would be for, that’s right, military and medical personal to be able to monitor bio-readouts without clunky, awkward equipment.

The commercial sector will clearly be interested in the athletic and lifestyle purposes for this technology. Diabetics could more easily monitor their blood sugar. Runners could measure their pulse and heart rate more easily.

Source: Inhabitat

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