I've Never Bean So Inspired!

Geeks and coffee go hand in hand like Donald Trump and hairpieces, which is why I was so fascinated by this piece on concept coffee brewing machines.

Like most nerds, I’ve spent my fair share of time hunched over a computer monitor in a dark room, desperately trying to figure out why the 378th line of code appears to render the previous 377 lines worthless.

In my younger years, a large percentage of that time was spent with a cigarette in one hand. Now, having quit the evil weed, I’m reduced to grasping for a cup of coffee with that occasionally spare hand.

I’m always ready to consider a quicker, more stylish way to brew my favourite drink, and these people seem to want to help. With innovations as obvious as a coffee making alarm clock to traditional brewing machines with a more sexy exterior, there’s enough drink making pr0n here to get me salivating.

Maybe it’s time for another cuppa..

Source: The Design Blog

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at accentmedia.ca or on Twitter.

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