Jobzilla: iPad’s Japanese Launch A Hit

Well, that went well.

Apparently the iPad is having a super launch day abroad, and perhaps nowhere better than in Japan, where they love their gadgets more than they love their families.

Called a ‘frenzy’ by the Wall Street Journal, over a thousand people lined up, cash credit card in hand, to scoop up the all-American gadget. You’d think that of all nations, Japan would be able to crush Apple at its own game, at least locally. But apparently, that’s not the point.

“Japanese products are very capable and powerful, but they don’t have the same charm as ones made by Apple,” said Kazuto Ishimura, a college student and the third guy in line for That Magical iPad. Apparently, that brand loyalty extends to the iPhone as well, which is interesting considering non-Japanese mobile electronics have traditionally never been a big hit in Japan. That Apple is building a cult in a nation that I’m convinced can transform into a giant robot at the first sign of intergalactic danger is incredibly impressive.

Oh, who are we kidding. Everything’s big in Japan.

Whether the hype will continue remains to be seen; Softbank, Apple’s Japanese authorized retailer, isn’t giving out the numbers yet. But the iPad is apparently off to a damn good start abroad.

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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