Mini-ITX Test Bench Looks Like a Transformer


This robotic creature transforms into a Mini-ITX test bench.  The four adjustable legs create a spider-like effect.

Designer Lian Li created it primarily for open- air PC benchmarking; the design makes it easier to build up and tear down again. You will be able to purchase your creepy-crawly friend on May 21st of 2010. Spidey comes in three colors; silver, red and black.


  • Unique eye catching design
  • Available in red, silver and black colors
  • For mini-ITX motherboards
  • Supports one 5.25″ slim CD-ROM
  • Adjustable leg angles
  • Evolved spider design with only 4 legs
  • Availability: Arriving at local distributors end of May
  • Price: US$108+local VAT for black and silver versions and US$123+local VAT for red version
  • Can be purchased wherever Lian Li products are sold

What do you think about this creative piece? Scrap metal for better use or the next big thing?

Source: Engadget,Dvice, Vr-Zone

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