Motorola RAZR3 YouTube Leak Video


In an apparent effort to lead the market in obsolete, under-powered and irrelevant technology, Motorola’s RAZR3 finds it’s way onto YouTube, even after being canned back in 2008.

While the world has quickly become accustomed to the concept of so called smartphones, this dumbphone could well have been Motorola’s attempt to fight the tide of inevitability.

Amid the usual Hemingway-esque YouTube chatter such as “So ===== looks like fu#$ing´╗┐ crap if you ask me” and “Any1 who likes this phone is a fag”, most people seem to find it amusing that even in 2008, Motorola was still trying to milk the cash cow of simply adding an FM tuner to last years phone model.

While current Motorola models such as the Droid inspire a little more confidence, Motorola still has yet to fully jump on the smartphone bandwagon. Am I the only one confused by the refusal of the big players in the mobile industry to provide competition to Apple’s iPhone, a supposed outsider to the market?

By tobyleftly

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