New Business Card Goes Beyond Paper

Business cards have always been just that: cards with business information on them. A new design threatens to shatter this mold and move us into the next generation of cards.

This revolutionary design is a fully functional circuit board business card about the same size of a credit card; with your business information on the top side while the bottom is reserved for the circuits. The cool part of this card is that it has been carefully designed to hold 24 kb of information, enough to hold your entire resume, and can be inserted into a USB port once the two plastic tabs have been snapped off.

They don’t come cheap, about $6 a card, so you have to be careful who you are handing these cards out to or you’ll be broke before you know it.

But in this day and age, resumes are a dime a dozen and it is now all coming down to presentation. Anything to make your CV stand out must be seized upon in order to catch the attention of a potential employer. This card would be one way to ensure your resume would be, at the least, noticed.

Source: BitRebels, T4F

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  • I’ve seen some people give away flash drives in addition to a business card, but this is a nice innovative twist on that technique. Well done.

  • Mediumjones

    Google sent out something like that back in 2007 as a Christmas present to AdWords customers.

  • Really like this idea, but is this not a case of over engineering a product with expensive methods, when there are cheaper alternatives out there? Interesting to see how it goes. Paper business cards will one day be replaced by such an innovation – but not at $6 a pot?!