New Skype iPhone App Allows Calls over 3G

Skype has launched a new version of its client software for Appleā€™s iPhone 3G allowing users who have downloaded the app to make calls to other Skype users on the 3G network. The best part? The service remains free at least until the end of this year.

Skype announced on Sunday that the new app is available for the 3G iPhone and that Skype-to-Skype calls over Wi-Fi will remain free until after the end of 2010. Skype has also said that they have not yet decided on what to charge for the calls.

With the new software, owners of the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the second and third generations of the iPod Touch can make calls using the new app. The iPod Touch will need an additional headset and because it is not connected to the 3G network, it can only make those calls over Wi-Fi.

Other improvements to the new Skype software include improved start-up time and improved sound quality (about the same quality of a CD). There has also been a call quality indicator added to this version of the client to help users choose the best moments to make their call depending on the speed of their connection and traffic heaviness.

Overall, it looks like it could be a pretty solid new way of allowing your significant other or parent to check up on you. Everywhere you go.

Source: PCWorld

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