New Smokeless Smoking Device To Eliminate Second Hand Smoke

Smokers may have a new way to get their nicotine fix. The Model One, a new project by Stanford graduates, aims to give smokes a new way to get the social and ritual benefits of smoking without the majority of the downsides.

The Model One has not claimed to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but it will most likely be a much more efficient way to get your daily tobacco fix. Considered a vaporizer, this new ‘cigarette’ will allow smokers to maximize their intake of nicotine without the waste… this means no smoke, therefore less irritating to non-smokers in the vicinity.

The Model One, priced at $40, looks like the love child of a flute and high-tech pen; yet, it contains no electronics. The system enables a mixture of air and fuel to heat the tobacco without burning it, releasing the flavor without any actual smoke. Instead, it takes the idea of heating substances at a low temperature to allow only the most volatile compounds to escape.

Model One users will be forced to buy small, thimble-shaped pods, which are then inserted, punctured, and heated. These pods will come in several flavors such as, “kick-ass mint”, “café-noir”, “blue tea” and others. The requirement of these pods will probably discourage users from smoking their own tobacco or other substances.

Say what you will about the technological advances that this gadget may make in the way we smoke, but I just cannot see people walking the streets with pens in their mouths sucking on blue tea flavored tobacco.

Source: CNET News

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