New Swiss Army Knife Features Chainsaw, Ancient Sword of Power, Toothpick

I’ll be honest – I don’t really have any witty remark for this right out of the gate. Hey, it’s early, alright? Give me a few minutes. I don’t wake up to a knife like this every morning.

Flickr user and readily-apparent Lego enthusiast Robiwan Kenobi (oh, clever) has cannibalized his Bionicle collection to make this prorotype Swiss Army knife, featuring some of the most badassed accessories an aspiring woodsman could hope for.

Of course, I say ‘prototype’ under the assumption Mr. Kenobi has every intention of lobbying this concept for actual production. You’re sitting on a gold mine, Robi. Don’t be a fool.

Seriously, pocket chainsaw. Think about it.

[Via Brothers Brick]

By tydunitz

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