Nokia and Microsoft Team Gang Up On RIM

An unlikely union, Nokia & Microsoft today announced the first fruit of their slightly unusual union, Communicator Mobile, software which will run on Nokia phones to allow colleagues to communicate using email, texts, chat or phone calls.

The two industry giants hope to loosen Research In Motion’s hold on the corporate sector. The software is available to users of the Nokia E52 and E72 models, and Microsoft hopes to release more software to the Nokia store soon, including Microsoft Office applications.

The business world has always favored RIM’s Blackberry devices because of their full keyboards and email capability, but Microsoft is hoping to play the Office card one more time to help sell Nokia phones.

As reported by Reuters

Written by Toby Leftly

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  • Nokia and Microsoft if they work mutually like this, then they can be the world leaders in the field of technology. Google will have to watch out. Wish you all the luck Nokia and Microsoft. You guys rock 🙂