Quit Facebook Day - May 31st. Will you join the protest?

Quitfacebookday.com??? Does this website think it can actually happen?

With the addiction to Facebook that seems more powerful than the addiction to smoking, a website has been started to persuade users away from this ever so popular social networking site. They say that their major reasoning for this protest comes down to two things: “fair choices and best intentions”.

In an attempt to shut down Facebook for the day, the architects of this site have set aside May 31st, 2010 as a day to not use the social networking site. They claim that Facebook doesn’t do a good enough job in keeping your personal information private. This beg the question of… ‘if you have a concern about putting your personal information online, then DON’T join Facebook’.

So, will you hop on with this site and avoid your Facebook page for the day? Will you be able to survive without knowing who poked you or what your best friend is eating for lunch?

If you don’t think you can get away from Facebook for at least the day, then maybe you should read my post from a couple weeks ago titled ‘Will we see Social Media Rehab centers soon?’ and then ask yourself how addicted you are.

Source: Huffington Post

Written by Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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  • What do they think that will actually do? Like Facebook is going to be afraid when everyone quits and then comes back the next day….

  • J.L.

    I think you’re confusing ‘Quit Facebook Day’ (May 31st) with the ‘Facebook Protest’ (June 6th). The May 31st event is not about not merely using the site on that day but about permenantly deleting your account. The June 6th event is the one about not logging in for a day.

  • No.

  • The Bix

    Yes… well, all ready went down. Web Developer by trade here, Facebook is fail these days. Like everything, it has it’s ups and downs; I just never used it enough to justify giving them rights to use my content/information with as they please.