Sony – Leaders in Fake 3D Since 2010

I want to make clear that I don’t dislike Sony, but you have to admit, this could be called a dick move. To help usher the 3D craze into our living rooms, the tech giant is launching a campaign featuring ‘fake’ 3D, intended for 2D televisions.

“Do not adjust your set”, says the ad, before douchily (if that wasn’t a word, it is now) suggesting “maybe it’s time to get a 3D TV”.

Ad agency Anomaly, who produced the campaign, are unsurprisingly unapologetic. Said Paul Graham, co-founder of the agency: “Unless you give viewers a bit of a jolt, a wake up, if you can’t make a serious impact then it is just another bit of fancy TV wallpaper. We’ve got to get people into stores, or cinemas, to get people into 3D.”

Fair enough, Paul, but in that case, why fake 3D? If your aim is to disappoint me that I can’t see a shirtless muscleman flexing with my current TV, won’t I be equally disappointed when I upgrade and still can’t see it?

In any case, the campaign is set to take off on June 11th – which is not only the opening match of the World Cup, but the day Sony’s 3DTVs go on sale. Cute.

Dickish though it may be, it’s actually a great commercial. I just wish I could see it clearly. Maybe I should — wait a minute. Nice try, Sony.

The video’s here. I couldn’t make your day more convenient by embedding it, and for that I’m sorry.

[Via The Guardian]

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