Swarovski Crystals Bling Out Your iPhone or BlackBerry


Swarovski has decided to dazzle us with a sparkly technicolored jeweled case. This iced-out case is made up of  1,500 pieces of those tiny jewels. All the  crystals used on the case are 100% genuine Crystallized Swarovski Elements.The case is a limited edition for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS made by Distinctive Style.

There are only 100 limited edition cases available, and each all have something a little different about them, making them all unique.

What if you don’t have an iPhone but have a BlackBerry or Nokia… no problem! They have a custom service which lets you pick the phone you want to crystallize. BlackBerries, iPhones, Nokias and Samsungs can all be found on the DS website for blingy goodness, or badness… depending on your tastes.

Source: DS, iPhone Savior

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