The Cutest Robot You’ve Ever Feared

Hey, y’know Bait Car? Bait Car is great. Bait Car is frequently hilarious. Bait Car comes from Canada. Bait Car has a website. If you’re still lost, just Youtube ‘Bait Car’.

This post is absolutely not about Bait Car. At least, not quite. That picture what you’re putting in your eyeholes, there, is a design concept for the MIMO Autonomous Mobile Robot, and while it is not Bait Car, it operates in the same spirit – that is, to deter and frighten would-be criminals out of doing that crime thing they like to do.

So what the hell is this thing? Well, it’s not immediately clear, and once the entire scope of this concept’s wackiness is revealed, it still isn’t. But it’s still really cool. First of all, this is a flying robot. Hey, don’t look at me. Don’t ask me how. Thing just flies. Apparently, upon sensing fear and/or impending danger (apparently via pheromones, by the renders), the robot begins recording audio and video, to be streamed to a security service. Honestly, if I were a would-be mugger or something, I’d first assume a little flying robot tailing a person would be artillery, not surveillance. So I guess this thing would work after all… in the hundred years or so it’ll take to get all the technologies to build this thing.

“There are stupid amounts of technology and advanced materials thrown into it such as spray on solar cells, thrust vector jet-fans, helio displays, ultra sonic sensors, hybrid solar lighting, durgel and morphotone,” said designer Barton Smith of his concept. Well, at least he knows it.

[MIMO, via Trendhunter]

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