The iPhone 3GS to Replace the 3G at Discount Prices

As new technology is in the pipeline to be released, the old will be reduced to taking a cost cut and being displayed on Walmart shelves. The iPhone 3GS has been called to replace this spot previously held by the iPhone 3G and hits US stores today.

The massive chain store will begin selling Apple’s 16GB 3GS iPhone this week for a cool $97, which will cost roughly the same amount as Apple’s 8GB 3G iPhone; although, there is a rumor being passed around that Apple will be discontinuing the 3G, which was originally released in 2008.

The new deal from Walmart will still require iPhone hopefuls to sign up for a two-year plan with the contract carrier AT&T.

This price reduction comes just in time for Memorial Day weekend, and just two weeks before Apple plans to unveil it’s new handset at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7.

Once a product hits the Walmart stock shelves, that product is expected to be dead soon; remember when Walmart began selling lumberjack jackets? The death of the grunge movement was soon to follow.

Source: 9to5Mac, AppleInsider

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