The Nerf Sentry Gun: Because Real Guns Just Aren’t Safe Anymore

I’m really stoked about all the cool Arduino stuff I’m seeing lately. Remember the Twitter lamp I rapped about last week? Almost makes me want to be an engineer. Almost. I have a dexterity score of like 8, so it’ll probably never happen.

Meanwhile, though, people who are indeed engineers (and at the very least, programmers) are doing stuff like this. John Park is using the Arduino platform to construct – what else – a Nerf sentry gun. You know, to protect your property from, like, Nerf criminals, or 7 year old boys, or something. The uselessness of this is nothing short of legend, but I can’t give the man big enough ups, nor props mad enough to support them. This is just rad. Tubular, if you will. Get it? Like, a Nerf dart is like, a tube, and… yeah, that was a really obtuse joke, never mind.

My only beef with this idea is that being a Nerf gun, the thing’s out of ammo in like ten shots. You can’t take down a child in ten shots.

I’ve tried.


[Via Make]

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