Thinner Kindle Coming Soon?

Amazon may be working on a third Kindle model with a thinner form factor, sharper screen and more responsive screen.

Amazon is putting its fingers in its ears on the subject of color touch-capable screens like the iPads, instead choosing to continue with the concept of a dedicated ebook reader with a paper-like grayscale screen.

The Kindle 2 was debuted in February 2009 bringing improved battery life and an updated look, and Amazon continues to refine its only hardware offering.

Ironically, the Kindle’s greatest competitor is itself, in the form of the Kindle App for iPad and iPhone.

CEO Jeff Bezos has already said that color screens are “some ways out”, so it’ll be interesting to see if people respond positively to a slightly bigger, slightly fast Kindle.

Amazon is playing to its strengths by focusing on ebooks, but will dedicated ebook readers be obsoleted by cheap tablet PCs in the same way that point n’ shoot cameras are being obsoleted by cell phones with built in lenses?

Source: PC World image: TGDaily

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