Three New 3D Laptops Ready to Make Your Eyes Bleed

3D Gaming will be coming to your door a lot sooner than we all expected. NVidia and Asus have announced three new 3D computers this week, with a game-ready laptop adding another dimension to the gaming world in Taipei.

Asus has unveiled its 3D lineup with the G51Jx-EE 3D gaming laptop, as well as the Eee Top ET2400 and CD5390 tower based PC. All three of these machines will ship with 120Hz displays, active shutter 3D glasses, and discrete graphics processors from NVidia.

The 3D Vision active shutter glasses from NVidia shipped with the gaming ready PC erase the need for an external IR emitter to be running in tandem with the machine.

“Now Asus is very bullish on developing the 3D PC category by shipping notebooks, desktops and an all-in-one PC equipped with NVidia 3D Vision,” said CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen. “We believe that all entertainment-based PCs will become 3D capable within a few years.”

The Eee Top ET2400 is being touted by the company as the great all-around 3D PC; perfect for those who don’t have the need to play hardcore games. The CD5390 tower is only for the hardest of the hardcore gamers with an NVidia GeForce GTX 480 GPU and support for up to three LCD monitors.

With the new Gran Turismo 5 claiming to be the “Avatar” of the gaming world, its nice to see some killer hardware show up in support.

Source: TechRadar

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